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Mom Who Took Cell Phone From Her Kid As Punishment Brought Before Judge, Charges Filed

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Mom Who Took Cell Phone From Her Kid As Punishment Brought Before Judge, Charges Filed

My gosh… you might not believe it but it’s true though there is a twist. Concerned parent Jodie May took away her 15-year-old daughters iPhone 6 as a punishment and had charges filed against her. While I typically realize that there is a lot of heated tension in divorce and custody cases between parents, the father in this case really went over.

This mf’er actually filed a complaint with law enforcement, saying that it was his phone and she had therefore stolen it. What in the hell?! “I was just being a mom, a concerned parent and disciplining my daughter,” said May.

he faced a misdemeanor charge of larceny under $200, punishable by up to 93 days in jail.

On Tuesday, prosecutors added a second charge: larceny by conversion, which is also punishable by up to 93 days.

But before any witnesses were called, prosecutors approached the judge with new details in the case. It turned out that the ex-husband did not own the phone, it belonged to the daughter.

“The mother defendant being the mother of the minor child, I believe that changes the case significantly,” the assistant prosecutor said. “Therefore we’re requesting that the charges be dismissed.”

May left the courtroom with a clean record and called the entire situation ridiculous.

“I can’t believe I had to be put through it, my daughter had to be put through it, my family. I’m very surprised, but I’m very happy with the outcome,” she said.

May’s court-appointed attorney, Jennifer Kuiper-Weise, questioned why the charges were filed at all.

“The case was authorized on a probable-cause basis, and unfortunately at times there are misdemeanor cases that are not thoroughly vetted, and unfortunately Miss May was a victim of that,” she said.

What kind of example is this to set for his child? Talk about petty… this dude takes the freaking cake!

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