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Move Over Soros – Anti-Trumpers Just Got What They’ve Been Hoping For

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Move Over Soros – Anti-Trumpers Just Got What They’ve Been Hoping For

A liberal billionaire stepped into the Democratic spotlight, this one makes Soros look like a chump. The billionaire has already started a full-fledged war on Trump.

From the largest hedge fund billionaire to Democratic activist… Move over Soros, your days are numbered.

As Written By The Great American Daily:

“The anti-Trump resistance has not been going well.

At every corner, they have faced intense losses.

But that could change after they finally got what they’ve been waiting for.

Move Over Soros, A New Funder Is In Town

For many years the left has been relying on massive piles of money that George Soros has thrown around to support their causes.

Through his Open Society Foundation, the billionaire has supported countless left-wing causes, even ones with links to Antifa and outright socialism.”


“But beyond him, they haven’t had many other donors at the same caliber.

They have always relied on elitist billionaires, but none have made donations to the extreme like Soros regularly does.

That is until this year when billionaire hedge fund manager Tom Steyer began throwing tens of millions into the cause to impeach Trump.

He has pledged over $100 million to support two organizations working to impeach Trump.

But he isn’t done.

The one thing that the left really needs is not one person dumping a massive amount of money, but somebody else like Soros who will continually fund operations of left-wing groups.

And Steyer has officially pledged to drop another $10 million on top of the $100 million he recently pledged.

He is hoping to spend this money going into the November midterm elections to support Democrats who agree with his cause of impeaching President Trump.

The announcement of the additional funding came on a Facebook live video where it was also announced that 6 million people have signed to support him.”

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