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MSM SHOCKINGLY Reports That Obama ‘Doesn’t Always Tell The Truth’ – NO KIDDING!

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MSM SHOCKINGLY Reports That Obama ‘Doesn’t Always Tell The Truth’ – NO KIDDING!

In what can only be truthfully described as a “shocking development,” the Associated Press has issued a fact check on former President Barack Obama’s claim that he “never threatened to shut” down media outlets or “call them enemies of the people.”

The Associated Press reported, shockingly, that Barack Obama “doesn’t always tell the straight story.”

Hell must be freezing over.  The media actually criticising Obama?

The fact check specifically concerns comments Obama made while accepting an award in his home state of Illinois last week, where the former president compared his treatment of press outlets he didn’t quite care for, like Fox News, to current President Donald Trump’s feud with CNN, according to The Daily Wire.

Reported By The National Review

At first, they tried to deny its existence. Then they said it was fool’s gold. Now they want someone else to get the credit for it.

That’s the short history of mainstream media coverage of the good economic news we’ve had ever since Donald Trump won the November 2016 presidential election. After first being in denial about the obvious fact that the economy has taken off since Trump’s victory and then predicting it would soon collapse, we’ve now gotten to the point where the New York Times has no choice but to fall back on a familiar but unpersuasive argument: It’s really President Barack Obama’s good economy.

That was the conceit of a front-page feature in the Sunday New York Times this past weekend. It argued that the credit for the strong gains in growth and the decline of unemployment really belongs to Obama since positive trends were already in place when he left office.

Just as interestingly, while the Times conceded that the public wasn’t buying these Democratic talking points, it claimed that Trump’s outstanding salesmanship is the main reason the public associated a booming economy with him. Conversely, it asserted that the reason no one gave Obama the economic plaudits he deserved was that the Obama administration was unwilling to boast of its achievements.

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