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MSNBC Host Learns Missile Test Info Is Fake News, Keeps Going

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MSNBC Host Learns Missile Test Info Is Fake News, Keeps Going

I guess there’s SOMETHING to be said for dedication?

Stephanie Ruhle of MSNBC tried to keep going a seriously fake news story going to make GOP Rep. Rodney Davis look “bad on air”.

Davis appeared with the misguided host to defend Trump’s accomplishments during his first 100 days (and beyond) and specifically cited his meeting with the Chinese president and their talks about placing sanctions on North Korea.

“Over the weekend, North Korea had another missile test and put out there that they believe it could possibly hold a nuclear warhead that could reach the United States,” Ruhle argued. “What concrete evidence do you have that meeting…resulted in positive outcomes?”

But 20 minutes before, Ruhle was informed that the missile can’t reach the United States.

“Hans Nichols is following this story from the Pentagon,” Ruhle said of the North Korean missile test earlier in her broadcast. “Hans, North Korea now warning the U.S. it has capabilities to hit the U.S. at home. But you say you’ve heard something different.”

“The assessment here, the preliminary assessment…this missile couldn’t reach that far, at least to the West Coast,” Nichols informed her.

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