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Must See TV: Crowder Takes On ‘Hate Speech’ At Massive Tech Company HQ

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Must See TV: Crowder Takes On ‘Hate Speech’ At Massive Tech Company HQ

Conservative pundit, Steven Crowder, is famous for his ‘change my mind’ sessions on YouTube where he confronts liberal ideology with a cool head. Recently, Crowder has found himself in a battle with Youtube trying to keep his channel after Dems sought to ‘take him out’.

That hasn’t stopped Crowder from continuing his work of hilariously triggering Dems by constantly proving them wrong. Recently he set up shop outside of Google headquarters in Texas in another ‘change my mind’ session. This time about hate speech.

According to The Blaze, Crowder got into a heated exchange with a bleached-blond bicyclist who claimed that hate speech should be dealt with “by almost any means necessary.”

“You say, ‘by almost any means necessary.’ Does that extend beyond speech?” Crowder asked.

“You know, I have had physical acts of violence both committed and threatened against me because of ill-conceived notions of positions I don’t even hold,” he continued. “So, do you see the danger in saying if someone is an extremist, if someone is a racist, or sexist, or homophobic, then you have the right as a private individual, by any means necessary, to correct them? Do you see the problem with that? Because you’re now combating speech — that may be right or wrong, by the way, you may not even understand what this person is saying — with violence.”

Steven Crowder Gets Into It With Antifa Bro | Change My Mind

Does the far-left condone political violence? Steven Crowder got into a passionate exchange with a leftist outside Google HQ in Austin and got the answer.This is not the #ChangeMyMind you want to miss.

Posted by Louder with Crowder on Tuesday, June 18, 2019

YouTube announced last Wednesday that it would block conservative commentator Steven Crowder from making any money on videos he uploaded to the site, following a torrent of outrage from left-wing groups about insulting remarks he made about a gay political personality working at Vox.

YouTube, a Google subsidiary, claimed Crowder had engaged in a “continued egregious actions that have harmed the broader community,” but acknowledged that Crowder’s videos “did not violate our Community Guidelines.” The company stopped short of banning Crowder and deleting his videos entirely, as many progressive groups and journalists demanded.


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