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MUST WATCH: Crowder Asks Trump Critics To Explain Why They Think Trump’s A ‘Fascist’

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MUST WATCH: Crowder Asks Trump Critics To Explain Why They Think Trump’s A ‘Fascist’

Steven Crowder back at it again! Each time he does the ‘prove me wrong’ booth, I swear they get funnier. In the latest one he got a woman to admit she has no idea what a fascist really is but when he brings up Obama, she loses it… Just a little, and it’s hilarious.

The YouTube star, Crowder, has become famous from simply pointing out the facts to liberals and watching their heads explode.

For the latest episode of “Change My Mind,” conservative comedian and commentator Steven Crowder took his camera crew to the White House to ask Trump critics to defend their assertions that Trump is a “fascist.” The result was Crowder demonstrating that labeling Trump a fascist requires either twisting the word into something unrecognizable or declaring the presidency itself fascist.

The first Trump critic Crowder convinces to sit down is a woman who has determined that Trump is definitively a “fascist.” But when confronted with the dictionary definition of the word, she admits that he doesn’t fully fit the description.

Crowder then asks her if she thought Obama was a fascist she respond’s “I don’t know”.

As Reported By The Daily Wire:

“His policies would actually fly in the face of that…If we talk about policy, President Obama actually withheld more information, spent $36-odd-something million under the Freedom of Information Act to withhold information from journalists,” says Crowder. When the woman began to protest him bringing up Obama, Crowder makes his point: “It matters because Donald Trump has not done that.” He then points out that Obama used the Espionage Act to prosecute more leakers and journalists than any president in history.”

“When he asks her if she thought Obama was a “fascist,” she responds, “I don’t know.” Crowder offers his more assertive answer: Neither Obama nor Trump are fascists.”

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