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MUST WATCH: InfoWars Busted Into Impeachment Hearing – Accuses Democrats of Treason

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MUST WATCH: InfoWars Busted Into Impeachment Hearing – Accuses Democrats of Treason

There has been a lot of interesting things done and said during the impeachment hearings, but perhaps one of the most exciting was when someone busted into the room during a hearing.

During the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment hearing on Monday, Owen Shroyer from InfoWars busted into the room and started yelling at the Democrats and accusing them of treason.

According to The Epoch Times,

A host from InfoWars interrupted Monday’s House Judiciary hearings on impeachment while Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) was reading his opening statement.

The host, Owen Shroyer, accused Nadler and the Democratic Party of treason and later confirmed on Twitter that he was the one who disrupted the hearings.

“Jerry Nadler and the Democrat Party are committing treason against this country! You can kick me out, but he’s the one committing crimes. You are Jerry Nadler,” he shouted. Shroyer posted video footage of the incident.

As Nadler gaveled down, Shroyer shouted: “You’re the one committing treason. America is done with this.”

“We voted for Donald Trump, and they’re simply removing him because they don’t like him,” he yelled, adding that Mr. Trump is “innocent.”

He continued filming while he spoke with officers outside the hearing room, telling Capitol Police he isn’t violent.

“If you want a comment, I think it’s ironic I’m the one being hauled out of here when the Democrats are the ones committing the crimes,” he told police.

This come just a day after Owen confronted Rep. Al Green at an airport because he once again called President Trump a racist and a bigot and then proceeded to call Owen a racist as well for supporting Donald Trump.

I don’t think he realizes by implication that he is calling 63 million Americans racists as well because that’s how many voted for him in 2016 and it will be even more in 2020.

Here is the video that Owen filmed himself as well:

Photo Credit: Avery Jensen

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