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NBC Praises Mother Who Reportedly Abandoned Her Children At The Border

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NBC Praises Mother Who Reportedly Abandoned Her Children At The Border

The media dispatches from the Honduran “caravan” coming from Honduras to the United States have proved one thing at the very least: The United States is the only country on earth that the media thinks shouldn’t be allowed to enforce immigration law.

Karen Aviles openly admits she left six of her children in Honduras — including one who “was getting lost to drugs” — so that she could go to the United States.

The only thing worse than this is that she’s decided to march two of her children across Mexico in a caravan that seems to be as much of a political stunt as it is a legitimate way to get to the United States.

“I hope perhaps other countries can help us,” Aviles said, “because in Honduras we haven’t found it.”

The Conservative Tribune:

“The great irony of this is that by helping perpetuate illegal immigration, the media is essentially entrenching the very force that’s created the bulk of Honduras’ problems in the first place.

Like much of Central America, the violence in Honduras is primarily fueled by organized crime — a group which makes a not insubstantial portion of its profits through loose borders and human trafficking. If you wanted to make Honduras a better place so that individuals like Karen Aviles wouldn’t need to be deracinated, you could certainly do worse by than stopping those things.

Peaceful and beatific though this march may seem, it represents something far from either one of those things.

The media doesn’t particularly care about any of that, though. Anything that irks President Donald Trump must be good and holy.

Immigration especially falls into this category, which is why even a mother who has “self-separated” herself from her own children can be considered a hero just months after child separations prompted a fit of indignation.”

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