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Negative Nancy Pelosi Fuming Over Trump’s Economy – Liberal Heads Are Exploding

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Negative Nancy Pelosi Fuming Over Trump’s Economy – Liberal Heads Are Exploding

Pelosi And Sanders Are Beside Themselves In The Wake Of Trump’s Booming Economy

Pelosi should be renamed MVP for the Conservative party. All jokes aside, the Minority Speaker of the House does more for President Trump than against him. Every time she opens her shaky mouth she disproves the liberal narrative.

Her recent attempts to mock on Trump’s booming economy put a greater wedge between voters and the Democratic party. Pelosi’s sarcastic ‘hip-hip-hooray’ to the record low unemployment rating merely showcased how out-of-touch her party really is.

She isn’t alone, though. Pelosi was joined by the failed presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders. Together the two try to flip the good news about Trump’s success into a negative- but fail.

As Written By Liz Peek with Fox News:

Is Nancy Pelosi a secret agent for the Republican Party? Sometimes you have to wonder.  Her latest outburst, in which she derides the accelerating economy and declining unemployment, is so nonsensical that it demeans Democrats’ credibility, shows them to be remarkably out of touch with average Americans and underscores the poverty of their competing platform. It isn’t the first time Pelosi has given GOP candidates rich fodder for ridicule; remember how she compared thousand-dollar bonuses to “crumbs?” That’s a clip that will show well in midterm campaign ads.

Pelosi’s latest Twitter sensation came amidst her weekly press conference, at which she scorned the improving jobs situation. Here’s a direct quote: “(P)eople say, ‘Oh my goodness, … people are saying the unemployment rate is down, why isn’t my purchasing power increasing? So, this isn’t just about the unemployment rate, it’s about wages rising in our country, so that consumer confidence is restored.”

Unhappily for Nancy, but happily for the U.S., consumer confidence doesn’t need “restoring” – it is actually booming. The Conference Board reported just this week that its Consumer Confidence Index rose 2.4 points in May, and reached its highest reading in more than 17 years. Lynn Franco, the Conference Board’s Director of Economic Indicators, said in a press release, “Overall, confidence levels remain at historically strong levels and should continue to support solid consumer spending in the near-term.” Take that, Nancy!

The Conference Board survey echoes other such measures, all of which point towards continued growth and nearly all of which moved sharply higher after Donald Trump was elected president. In December 2016, the confidence index rose to 113.7, the highest level since July 2007, beating expectations by a wide margin.  At the time, Franco noted that the so-called “expectations” part of the survey “hit a 13-year high.”

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