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New Planned Parenthood ad is CREEPING everyone OUT!!

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New Planned Parenthood ad is CREEPING everyone OUT!!

They really think they’re in the right here, don’t they? It’s amazing how CLUELESS anyone can be about this subject… and to make matters worse, PlannedParenthood now has a new ad that a lot of people are finding rather creepy.

“OMG. This is an actual Planned Parenthood ad for abortion that shows a sweet baby girl then implies she’s better off dead. What is wrong with these people?”

Yes, of course, children deserve to be cherished, and wanted, and cared for. But if they’re conceived under conditions that are anywhere under that, then they deserve to be vacuumed or cut up into little pieces and painfully dismantled and murdered. Am I the only one that finds this weird? I hope not.

On the other hand, there’s this pretty remarkable video of a woman who is about to get an abortion speaking to a prolife advocate. She appears to change her mind, or at least reconsider her decision:

“A new video shows a woman leaving Planned Parenthood after learning the humanity of her baby! “My baby has a heartbeat?!””

That is how you save lives. And he makes it clear that he understands it’s a tough decision. Let’s hope she did the right thing.

As one commenter put it: “This video proves how evil, sick and despicable the members from Planned Murderhood are. The video itself is a satanic ritual. They are showing how far they can go to display a complete disregard for human life. It is a visual brainwash to induce the ability to have zero compassion and empathy towards babies.

I don’t understand how such an ad can be tolerated in our society. The message is so cruel and heartless and we cannot forget that not only grown-up women are watching this but teenagers. They will come up with some freedom of whatever speech…… We all have to stop this. We should actually make a meme and put the head from Cecile Roberts, insted. She is the mother of death.

Maybe the future AG will be able to do something about this kind of terrifying hidden messages orchestrated by Satanists and the Phrama Industry. This is no doubt in violation of the sensibility of the viewer.

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