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New Press Sec. Roughed Up By North Korean Security Defending US Reporters

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New Press Sec. Roughed Up By North Korean Security Defending US Reporters

New Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham gained her battle scars when a scuffle broke out in the EMZ between North Korean Security and reporters. Grisham was trying to clear a path for reporters to cover the last minute meeting between President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jun Un. Grisham was reportedly left with bruises from the Security agents but gained the respect of many for standing up for American reporters on the globals stage.

If nothing else it’s clear that Grisham will not back down from a fight!

Grisham replaced Sarah Sanders as White House press secretary only recently, but Grisham reportedly has already been injured on the job.

Grisham suffered bruises when a scuffle broke out Sunday between North Korean security guards and members of the media trying to get close to President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as they met at the Demilitarized Zone, the Fox News reported.

Bloomberg White House Correspondent Jennifer Jacobs said “it came to body blows.”

“To add to madcap day at DMZ, the North Korean security was a little overzealous, at times trying to block US reporters’ view. New WH press secretary Stephanie Grisham threw herself into it to make sure the US TV camera got into House of Freedom, and it came to body blows,” she wrote on Twitter.

The Blaze Reported that it was not immediately clear if Grisham received medical attention or if North Korean guards injured anyone else.

Trump made history Sunday by becoming the first American commander in chief to visit North Korea, albeit for approximately just one minute.

After meeting with Kim for nearly one hour in Freedom House, Trump announced North Korea had agreed to resume denuclearization negotiations.

Trump was the first President in history to get a North Korean dictator to sit down. Critics where all over the President at the time but have since grown quiet.

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