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New ‘Trans-Species’ Movement The Left Wants Normalized

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New ‘Trans-Species’ Movement The Left Wants Normalized

During an episode of Good Morning Britan, the hosts had the unusual and uncomfortable experience of interviewing a trans-species woman. Kimberel Eventide spoke about her life as a “trans-species” elf woman who is married a to a human man.

Yes, you read that right.

Kimberel explained: “I consider myself an Elvin-kin, which is an otherkin that feels more like an elf.

“Otherkins are those souls that have a human body but their soul belongs to some other species. It is far more than just cosplay – it is a way of life.

“It’s not about the ears, it’s who you are in the inside and how you carry yourself – but ears do make it fun.”

Trying to get to the bottom of the phenomenon, 54-year-old Piers said: “People are laughing about this, but you are deadly serious aren’t you?

“Explain what made you feel that you are an elf trapped in a human body?”

Kimberel replied: “I believe that otherkins are human but also have other parts to make them unique.

“Everything in the universe, all things we imagine, we can be and become.”

Piers than quizzed the American guest on her sex life, asking: “Are you married to another elf? Are elves allowed to have sex with humans?”

Kimberel explained: “He is very human and, yes, of course”, adding that their babies will “have an elven soul within a human body”.

Rounding up the interview, Piers then spoke Elven to the guest, translating that what he said was: “A star shines on the hour of our meeting”, adding that Kimberel should do “whatever rocks her boat”.

The people of the internet ran with it claiming to identify as everything from a ‘couch’ to a ‘unicorn’:

And now, the elf you’ve all been waiting for:

We shouldn’t be shocked at this point, and we’re not. Not really. This elf joins a small, but growing community of people claiming to be something other than human. Like Eva Tiamat Medusa, a transgender woman from Bruni, Texas, believes he’s the ‘most modified transgender person in the world’. He also identifies as a dragon, and has spent more than $54,000 transforming herself into a reptile. Eva’s journey to becoming a dragon started when, while living as a man, Eva was diagnosed with HIV.


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