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NFL Team Replaces American Flag With Enraging New Version – Grossly Unacceptable

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NFL Team Replaces American Flag With Enraging New Version – Grossly Unacceptable

The dying NFL isn’t showing any signs of regaining even a shred of decency. In a pathetic attempt to please leftist fans, the Greenbay Packers came out with a rebooted version of the American flag. Their abominable display only adds further insult to already enraged fans.

According to RWN, as TV ratings dwindle, stadiums suffered from low attendance this weekend – as photos of thousands of empty seats make their way around social media, and football season gears up, players choosing to take a knee in protest during the National Anthem shows no sign of abating. Meanwhile, the NFL itself continues to be utterly tone-deaf to the majority of America.

A recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found that 54% of Americans polled believe kneeling during the National Anthem is inappropriate. Only 44% state they do not mind the kneeling players, according to the Washington Times. The poll revealed that those that no longer choose to follow the NFL as a result of the protest had grown by 10% since the last time the poll was taken in 2014.

As Reported Washington Time:

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced in May that players and league personnel would be required to stand and show respect for the flag on the sideline. Players would also have the option to remain in the locker room during the pre-game ceremony.

That policy was placed on hold July 19 after the NFLPA balked, saying it should have been consulted on the rule change. So far there has been no announcement on a revised policy, although the kneeling has subsided significantly in the preseason.

Two Miami Dolphins players have knelt before preseason games, while Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch has sat on the bench for the anthem, as he did last season. Several other players have raised fists while standing or remained off the field in the tunnel or locker room.

President Trump drew attention last season to the take-a-knee protests, at one point arguing that the owners should fire anyone who refuses to stand.”

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