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Nike Commercial Is DEAD In The Water After MAGA User Gave It A YUGE Makeover!

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Nike Commercial Is DEAD In The Water After MAGA User Gave It A YUGE Makeover!

Nike’s support of Kaepernick could be the end of the line for the company – at least for patriots. One Twitter super-star posted an EPIC video. An ad of his own. With a touch and honest message with a hilarious twist.

Yesterday was the release of the latest ad campaign for Nike and their disastrous decision to represent Colin Kaepernick. The ad showed during the season opener pitting the Super Bowl champions, the Philadelphia Eagles, vs the Atlanta Falcons.

While the Internet has raged on like a filthy Nike factory sweatshop churning out millions of anti-Nike comments, there was one Twitter superstar who posted a custom video that beat Nike to the punch.

There we go, folks! You will see Donald Trump walking around with Colin Kaepernick’s hairstyle in the video below. If you can’t laugh at this, then you might need to take a college class called Sense of Humor 101.

As Reported By RWN:

“Out of all the professional athletes making a real difference in America, why did Nike choose Colin Kaepernick?

He opted out of his contract with the 49ers, turned down another with the Broncos, and Nike wants to act like the guy sacrificed something? He sacrificed nothing except for his knees since he spends so much time on them.

Colin Kaepernick would still be in the NFL if he stayed with his contract or signed the one he was offered. He might have been picked up by another team if he wasn’t a political sideshow who turned into a social justice warrior.

When it comes to sports, the teams have every right to hire anyone they like or NOT hire anyone they dislike. The fans don’t like Kaepernick, so it doesn’t make sense for any team to spend millions on him when they risk the fans staying home. Why would a team overpay for someone who may end up sitting on the bench and scaring the fans away?”

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