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Obama Triggered, Gets Owned By Hecklers At His Illegitimate Rally

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Obama Triggered, Gets Owned By Hecklers At His Illegitimate Rally

Former President Barack Obama took a moment during a Friday rally in Philadelphia to deliver a stern rebuke for some of the young people in the audience.

“I’m talking to you, young people!” Obama snapped as he pointed into the crowd, where he said some young people were paying more attention to their phones than they were to him.

According to the American Mirror, during the appearance for Gov. Tom Wolf, U.S. Sen. Bob Casey and several Democrat congressional candidates, Obama couldn’t help but talk about himself.

In the roughly 33-minute remarks, the former president said “I” 56 times, “Me” 5 times, and “My” 4 times, talking about himself a total of 65 times, or once about every 30 seconds.

“You! Pay attention!” he yelled.

“Listen up! Hey! I told you to be focused and you’re not focused right now!” he shouted, pointing at the crowd.

“Listen to what I’m saying! Hold up!” he continued as the audience ignored him and continued chanting.

Of course, they didn’t really pay attention to Obama’s self-absorbed speech and it triggered Obama in the best way. Take a look:

Obama continued to beg the crowds to pay attention to him but wasn’t successful. Looks like even his ‘supporters’ can’t take the ex-president seriously.

“Hold up!” he said several more times as the crowd continued to focus on the protester.

“Everybody sit down and be quiet. Everybody sit down and be quiet for a second. Now listen up! I’m serious, listen up!”

Obama went on to say the “older gentleman” was supporting his candidate and “he’s not doing nothing.”

But the crowd continued to boo and heckle the protester.

“This is what I mean about folks not being focused,” Obama said.

After telling the crowd to “not boo, vote,” the professor continued to lecture his audience. “Now, I want you to pay attention because if we lose focus, we could have problems.”


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