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One Of Trump’s Harshest Critics Is Now Singing Praise For Him – ‘Credit To POTUS’

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One Of Trump’s Harshest Critics Is Now Singing Praise For Him – ‘Credit To POTUS’

There is no doubt President Trump is changing the hearts, and minds of people who didn’t support him in 2016. The economy is booming and with a 4.1% GDP, there is no reason anyone should be hating the President. When he was running against Hillary Clinton, he promised the American people that we would have a 4 point GDP during the first term of his Presidency.

Everyone on the left laughed, but are they laughing now? No, no they’re not. Donald Trump did what Barack Obama wished he could do. Remember, Barack Obama claimed President Trump wouldn’t be able to wave a magic wand and make jobs come back to America. He was wrong. Before Donald Trump even took the oath of the Presidency, he was negotiating deals with American companies who went overseas to save money in labor. Those companies have made it back to America, and more Americans are working more than ever.

During the 2016 Presidental primaries, there were a lot of Republican candidates who hated Donald Trump. They claimed he was a crook and would get America in trade wars with other nations. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush was one of Donald Trump’s biggest critics. If you haven’t seen some of the videos of the two going at it. then you probably should watch the video below.

Jeb is now offering his support of President Trump after news of a surging US Economy.

The man deemed “low-energy Jeb” on the 2016 campaign trail by Mr. Trump took to Twitter to marvel at America’s high-octane economic growth — 4.1 percent in the second quarter.

“Today’s news confirms that 4% growth isn’t just aspirational, it’s achievable through policies that unleash the power of the market,” Mr. Bush wrote. “Credit to @POTUS’s economic policies. To sustain this growth, we must pursue a free trade agenda and move to a merit-based immigration system.”

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