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Only Pelosi! Filthy Dem Used Kavanaugh To Cash Grab Off Of Gullible Supporters!

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Only Pelosi! Filthy Dem Used Kavanaugh To Cash Grab Off Of Gullible Supporters!

Nancy Pelosi used her supporters like a cash cow, all the while calling Republicans ‘despicable’. The unfit Pelosi asked supporters to donate just $1 to help her stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Wow, talk about deceptive.

Pelosi’s email came after the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to advance Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Senate floor, and after Republican Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake — a key swing vote — said he wouldn’t support Kavanaugh in the final vote unless the FBI first investigated a sexual assault claim against Kavanaugh.

Even before Flake’s delay, the floor vote wasn’t scheduled to take place until Saturday. In no way was Kavanaugh “a matter of minutes” away from being confirmed to the Supreme Court when the DCCC sent the email, according to The DailyCaller.

In return for their dollar donation Pelosi promised to ‘punish these despicable Republicans’:

“It’s been one of the most taxing days of my life. I am watching Trump and McConnell ram through Brett Kavanaugh to a lifetime on the Supreme Court. I am watching every single Republican support them. And I am vowing to myself today: I will do everything possible to defeat them.

Mark my words: We can — and WILL — punish these despicable Republicans and win a Democratic Congress that’ll render them powerless.

I need a massive surge of support before Sunday’s final End of Quarter Deadline to show the power of grassroots Democrats. I need 26,841 principled Democrats with me. It’s such an important moment, I’m personally quadruple-matching all gifts.

Can I count on your $1?”

How pathetic is that?

As Reported By Breitbart:

Pelosi is hoping to take over as Speaker of the House — again — if Democrats win the midterm elections in November. The party is hoping to use Ford’s accusations to turn female voters out in November.

The House has no role in the selection of judges, to the Supreme Court or at any other level, though Pelosi weighed in Thursday, attacking Republicans for using a female prosecutor to question Ford. Pelosi called prosecutor Rachel Mitchell a “hired woman.”

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