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Oprah Caught Race-Baiting While Campaigning For Georgia Dem

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Oprah Caught Race-Baiting While Campaigning For Georgia Dem

Oprah Winfrey made her 2018 midterm campaign debut on Thursday, hitting the stump for Democrat Stacey Abrams in Georgia’s heated gubernatorial contest – the latest celebrity or political heavyweight bringing their star power to the final stretch going into Election Day, according to Fox News.

To thunderous cheers redolent of those from her famously effusive studio audiences, Winfrey took the stage in Marietta, Ga., to back Abrams as the candidate who “cares about the things that matter” – ticking off her stances on Medicaid expansion, environmental protection and “common-sense gun control.”

“I don’t want to run. I’m not trying to test any waters,” she insisted, taking care to blunt any potential headlines on presidential ambitions (she claims to have none). “I’m here today because of Stacey Abrams.”

In striking terms, Winfrey urged Georgians to exercise their right to vote: “I’m here today because of the men and because of the women who were lynched, who were humiliated, who were discriminated against, who were suppressed … for the right, for equality at the polls. … I refuse to let their sacrifices be in vain.”

As Written By The Hill:

Laura Ingraham said Winfrey was wrong to bring up that history, arguing that in doing so, she tied Republican governor candidate Brian Kemp to the actions of the past. One that was long held by Democrats- might I add.

“Gotta hand it to Oprah, she’s a great speaker, but I kinda liked her better when she was giving away Toyotas and refrigerators,” Ingraham said, referring to Winfrey’s famous giveaways on her daytime talk show.

“To try to tie the candidacy of Georgia Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp to the scourge of racism, even lynchings? Come on, Oprah. It’s dehumanizing, it’s completely baseless, it’s totally cruel,” Ingraham added. “And I say this, to Oprah Winfrey: How is this living our best life now? This kind of broad-brush race-baiting desensitizes us to the real racists out there.”


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