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Pastor Swoops To Trump’s Defense With Bold Message, Exposes Critics’ ‘Disturbing’ Mistake

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Pastor Swoops To Trump’s Defense With Bold Message, Exposes Critics’ ‘Disturbing’ Mistake

The liberal left is so despicable, so intolerant that the mere act of praying with President Trump will push them over the edge. Unfortunately, several pastors have found this out the hard way…

According to, the Rev. Van Moody, founder and senior pastor of the Worship Center Christian Church in Birmingham, on Thursday defended his Wednesday meeting with President Donald Trump, saying people who criticized him on social media took his comments out of context.

“I know that in many ways I’ve been vilified on social media,” Moody told reporters in a meeting at his church on Derby Parkway.

Pastor Van Moody Wrote:

“I was one of a group of black faith leaders from inner cities who attended a meeting with President Trump at the White House Wednesday to talk about the importance of the church in building community – especially in the area of prison reform and workforce development for former prisoners.

Unfortunately, the political and cultural climate in our country has plummeted to such a petty and disturbing place that I fully expected I might be attacked afterwards. Nevertheless, I accepted the invitation. I believe that the ability to help others who are marginalized, disenfranchised and voiceless is an important pursuit, and I remain committed to the cause of Christ beyond pettiness and politics.

Sadly, my fears were realized when I and some of the other leaders were attacked after this meeting – both in our churches, our local communities and from others nationally. Our statements, and even the opening prayer, came under intense scrutiny and our remarks were also taken out of context in order to generate click-bait headlines.

Much has been made about my thanking President Trump for “caring for all people.” Some individuals have misconstrued that statement to conclude I was giving a blanket endorsement of everything the president has done. That was not the intent of my statement.”

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