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Patriots Former Tight End Martellus Bennett Just Made Sickening Allegation About Trump

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Patriots Former Tight End Martellus Bennett Just Made Sickening Allegation About Trump

Former Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett went on the attack Wednesday, accusing President Trump of “attacking black culture” with his criticism of NFL player protests during the national anthem.

Speaking to Bleacher Report, the former NFL player slammed Trump for his criticism of the protests and claimed that Trump’s attacks are just a way to tear down black role models.

“It’s the easiest way for him to attack the culture of black people,” the Super Bowl 51 champion said. “He sees the black athlete as someone that black people look up to. So he thinks you can attack black culture by attacking black NFL players.”

Bennett also implied that he thinks Trump’s voters are racially motivated. “Also, attacking black players helps him with his base,” he said.

Or, he pontificated, “maybe there’s no rhyme or reason. Maybe he’s just an asshole.”

Bennett has made his feelings about Trump known before. Last year he noted that he would not visit the Trump White House to celebrate his 2016 Super Bowl win, as a member of the New England Patriots.

He also took to Twitter to slam singer Kanye West for saying nice things about Trump. “So Kanye didn’t take the time to vote. And now he holding on to Trump’s coattail like Peter Pettigrew to Lord Voldemort. Kanye Pettigrew,” Bennett tweeted (then deleted) in December of 2016.

I don’t feel like this is some deep state b.s. I just think this is very misguided, as liberals often are. We’ve seen Trump strive to Make America Great again and so far, doesn’t it seem like it’s working? We lost our way or rather our elected officials did on many fronts. I think by the time Trump is done serving his country in this capacity, a lot of folks will be singing an entirely different tune.

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