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Pelosi On Warpath! Blames Mainstream Media For Democrat Party Woes

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Pelosi On Warpath! Blames Mainstream Media For Democrat Party Woes

Try not to laugh, but liberal LOON Nancy Pelosi took a page from the Clinton book and blames the Media for her failing party. If you remember, it was NEVER Hillary’s fault that she scares the hades out of people. It was always someone else’s fault.

Well, poor Pelosi says that the media’s coverage of the insane behavior of her party and their ties to socialism has done serious damage to the party.  In a sense, she’s admitting that covering the truth turns people away from Democrats!

From the video:

WILLIAMS: “The president not only, one, who has a problem with the press, Democrats now taking a page from the Trump playbook and going after the media. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi blaming the fourth estate for the divide of her leadership with the Democratic Party.”

Pelosi said, “And I know — and this have been on a jag. This is one of their priorities to undermine my prospects as speaker. But putting that aside, you see, I have not asked one person for a vote. I haven’t asked a candidate or an incumbent for a vote.”

What a joke!

WILLIAMS: “And hours after saying he believes in a free press, New York City’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, reportedly had bodyguards physically remove a credentialed New York Post reporter who tried to ask him questions, legitimate questions about his administration’s many meetings with the lobbyist. De Blasio also taking shots at Fox News.”

WATTERS: Well, here’s how NBC operates and all the media does the same thing. They’ll find a story, they’ll seize on it, and they’ll try to exploit it for partisan gain. For instance, I don’t think people at NBC necessary like Pelosi, so they’re trying to create a little bit of an anti- Pelosi wave.

But to Nancy, it couldn’t be her fault her party is trying to distance themselves away from her. It HAS TO BE someone else’s fault… Right?

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