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Pelosi Should To Go Into Hiding After Leaked Video Exposes What She Did – PRICELESS!

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Pelosi Should To Go Into Hiding After Leaked Video Exposes What She Did – PRICELESS!

It was reported: “Nancy Pelosi openly endorsed MS-13 gang by attacking President Trump for calling them animals and trying to spin it as hating Hispanics for being Hispanics. The democrat party has done everything in their power to manipulate people into voting for them claiming President Trump hates them and wants to ship every single Hispanic to Mexico. This isn’t the case. The President is trying to get rid of the violent criminals, and drug runners. This happens to be mostly made up of MS-13 gang members.

A Republican ad for the midterm elections unveiled Tuesday is aiming directly at Democrats soft-spot for savagely criminal illegal aliens, and using the words of the party’s leader in the U.S. House of Representatives to do it.

And it’s one truth that really hurts.

The ad features video of California Democrat Nancy Pelosi criticizing President Donald Trump for referring to members of the MS-13 gang as “animals,” interspersed with television news coverage of MS-13’s brutal crimes.

Pelosi, who doesn’s come across as very bright even on her best days, ends up looking particularly pitiful in the course of the one-minute ad.

“When the president of the United States says these aren’t people, these are animals, you have to wonder does he not believe in the spark of divinity?” she says.

Actually, you have to wonder if Pelosi believes the words that come out of her own mouth.”

As conservative commentator Ed Morrissey wrote on the website Hot Air:

“Overall, Americans split 56/44 in support of using an ‘animals’ metaphor. The question splits young voters (under 35) down the middle, but all other age demos have solid majorities finding ‘animals’ a fair description of MS-13. It’s not popular among Hispanic voters, but only narrowly at 47/53, surprisingly. There’s almost no difference between urban, suburban, and rural voters on this question, all of which back it with majorities. Independents find it fair on a 55/45 basis, while only 25% of Republicans consider it unfair.

‘In other words, getting into semantic games over the use of a metaphor doesn’t look like a winner for Pelosi & Co, which is why the RNC rushed out its first attack ad on the subject. It won’t be the last, since Pelosi’s argument only wins significantly among African-Americans (35/65) and Democrats, but only 41/59. Pelosi’s argument isn’t even a slam dunk inside the fold, let alone outside of it.”

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