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Permit Patty Is Now Unemployed After Social Media Backlash

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Permit Patty Is Now Unemployed After Social Media Backlash

Alison Ettel, the woman who’s known as ‘Permit Patty’, allegedly called police on an 8-year-old girl for selling bottled water outside of her apartment building. The little girl, reportedly, was selling water to raise money to fund a trip to Disneyland. The media backlash from the viral video apparently caused the woman to resign from her California cannabis job.

Ettle was the CEO at ‘TreatWell’, a cannabis oil company before the incident and has chosen to resign in the better interest of the company.

The decision comes after Several Bay Area marijuana dispensaries said they will no longer carry TreatWell Health products because of Ettel’s recent actions, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

There are conflicting reports on weather Ettle actually called the police on the little girl or not. In some cases, such as with CNN, Ettle told reporters she did. On other occasions, she denied calling and said she was pretending or simply called to see if the child needed a permit.

As Written By USA Today:

Ettel, who has denied the incident was motivated by racism, told CNN she called 911, because the child was constantly yelling.

“I did call the police, but not on anybody,” Ettel told CNN. “I said I’d like to talk with someone about if something is legal or not. I said I am not doing a report, and I am not asking for any dispatch. I just want information. I asked, is this legal? She said ‘no.'”

Austin said Ettel immediately confronted her about a permit, and did not mention a concern with noise. Austin told All the Moms she recently lost her job and her daughter Jordan was trying to raise money because she wanted to go to Disneyland.

Fox News Reported that the girl’s mother set up a GoFundMe page called “The Water Stand Project,” which she says is to help her daughter go to college and create resources for underprivileged kids in the San Francisco area needing help with educational costs.

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