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Four Arrested In Connection To Murder Of Female Veteran Officer

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Four Arrested In Connection To Murder Of Female Veteran Officer

Baltimore County Officer Amy Caprio was fatally wounded while investigating a report of a suspicious vehicle in a greater Baltimore suburb after a rash of reports of burglary had plagued the area.  Caprio is the first female officer slane in the 148-years of service.

According to police, a suspect was arrested yesterday has been identified as 16-year-old Dawnta Anthony Harris. Shortly after this announcement police confirmed three other teens were also in custody.

Governor Larry Hogan Tweeted his sympathy to Officer Amy Caprio’s family and co-workers:

Initial reports were that Caprio was shot while attempting to apprehend the suspects. As new details emerge we have learned that witnesses claim the officer was struck by the vehicle and left in the roadway. The actual cause of officer Caprio’s death is still unknown and pending a full autopsy report.

As Reported By Fox News:

A man who said his son witnessed the deadly incident told FOX45 the officer tried to pull over the Jeep.

After the officer raised her gun at the people in the vehicle, the Jeep accelerated and “ran right over her, and raced out of the neighborhood,” Tony Kurek told FOX45.

Logan Kurek, who is a volunteer firefighter, told the Associated Press he heard his younger brother “frantically screaming,” and ran to perform CPR on the officer who was bleeding from her injuries.

Kurek’s neighbor, Dahle Amendt, said he had just settled into his recliner for a rest when he heard a woman’s voice outside his house.

“I heard, ‘Get out of the car!’ ‘Get out of the car!’ Get out of the car!’ at least three times, and then a pop,” Amendt said.

The officer was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Authorities recovered an abandoned Jeep that was used in the killing, police confirmed to Fox News. The slaying marked the first time a female police officer was killed in the line of duty in the 148-year history of the Baltimore County Police Department.

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