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Professor To College Kids: ‘You’re Probably Receiving Russian Funding’

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Professor To College Kids: ‘You’re Probably Receiving Russian Funding’

Oh wow!

The great gang over at Campus Reform go their hands on a video of University of Houston professor Michael LaMontagne going alt-left as can be with his students.

LAMONTAGNE: … create division, that you’re probably receiving Russian funding.

MALE TPUSA VOLUNTEER: Oh, Russian funding. That is awesome. No, [we’re not receiving] Russian funding — that’s crazy.

LAMONTAGNE: Are you sure? Are you positive?

This particular volunteer, as well as a female volunteer, stated that they’re a 501c3 non-profit which prompted the professor to reply: “[I get] that you’re a non-profit, but who is profiting from this?”

MALE TPUSA VOLUNTEER: Who is profiting from this? I guess the employees of it.

FEMALE TPUSA VOLUNTEER: We’re here to educate.


FEMALE TPUSA VOLUNTEER: We’re here to educate. We’re not profiting off of any of it.

LAMONTAGNE: Right, and I’m educating you that this group here is advocating against the very institution that it’s existing in — public education, higher education, federal funding for research — is advocating against national missions like NASA, right?

MALE TPUSA VOLUNTEER: And we are pro AR-15, pro Glock.

Later in the exchange, LaMontagne challenged the students on gun control:

LAMONTAGNE: I’ve looked into this, and there is actually absolutely — what we know for sure is if guns were the solution to violence, we would have none in this country. We would have no violence in this country.

MALE TPUSA VOLUNTEER: People are the cause of violence, not firearms. You had an increase in violence in England after they outlawed guns; [they] had an increase in violence in Australia after they outlawed guns.

LAMONTAGNE: You must be out of your freakin’ mind if you believe that.

MALE TPUSA VOLUNTEER: No, I state statistics.

The Campus Reform gang reached out to the nutty professor who informed them that he was “unaware” that he was being recorded… Lol then claims that it could be a “violation of [his] privacy.” Sign… And when pushed on whether or not he stands by his statement:

“No, I am not claiming it. I am claiming that a campus organization that is presenting a political viewpoint has to make their donors public.”

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