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Racist Professor Caught Teaches Anti-White Agenda and Denies Science Exists

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Racist Professor Caught Teaches Anti-White Agenda and Denies Science Exists

A black professor was teaching a class when he denied that science exists, denied that space exists, planets exist, stars exist, and so on.

But it’s not just that he denies that they exist. He even attributes the idea of science and space to being a result a “white fantasies”. Essentially, white people have created the whole thing.

The professor said, “Our argument will be that space is not real. It’s not real. Science, technology, it’s all fake. It’s a projection of white fantasies that has worked to control our interpretation of how the world works. None of us have had the privilege of going to f**king space to verify that there’s these stars and these galaxies and these planets.”

But the more you listen to him, he’s being inconsistent in everything he says.

The professor is actually advocating for an explanation of reality known as solipsism. Solipsism is the idea that the only thing that exists or that can be known is you and your own experiences. It’s embarrassing to say, but I was once a solipsist myself when I was around 17-20 years old.

But for the professor to say that white people project this reality and that it’s fake because he hasn’t experienced it refutes his theory right away but he’s not white so he can’t verify that white people exist.

He even denies that Paris exists because he’s never been there. Literally, anything that he hasn’t experienced doesn’t exist in his worldview.

The professor went on to say more idiotic things like, “Imagine someone who grew up inner-city, Kansas City for instance, who never left a 20-block radius. They can’t even fathom that there’s mountains in the world let alone that there’s something outside of that…And so structural inequity, to some degree, because of our lack of privilege in terms of mobility determines what we can understand to be real and falsifiable.”

“Whiteness then works and then appropriates science and technology to say ‘This is true while this is not true because it’s not verifiable.’…It’s a hyperfocus on the experiential for those who does not capitulate with whiteness.”

He says so much more, check out the video below for the encounter he has with a student.

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