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Refugee Delivers SICK Sharia Surprise On Innocent Woman and Her So-Called “Nasty Dogs”

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Refugee Delivers SICK Sharia Surprise On Innocent Woman and Her So-Called “Nasty Dogs”

It reportedly took three men to pull the Somali woman away from Ingrid, who told Krone that she was unable to feel her legs after the attack.

Ingrid was reportedly operated on twice by the staff at Wilhelminen Hospital as her knee was smashed and required an artificial knee to be surgically implanted.

Ingrid, who is a Vienna native, told Krone that she believes the incident happened due to clashing cultures.She said she heard the Somali’s husband shout, “we don’t want dogs  — they are filthy!”

As reported by Breitbart News, Ingrid’s injuries will take a long time to heal and, as the attacker was a migrant who did not have any liability insurance, Ingrid’s lawyer said that it is unclear who will pay for the damages.

“This will probably be a precedent,” her lawyer noted.

However this is not an isolated incident, and the whole world is facing this crisis, and there is nothing we can do as long as Leftists have a say in government policies. They are willing to put their citizens in harm’s way all for the sake of multiculturalism.

According to Daily Mail:

A college student sprayed a heavily pregnant woman and her partner with acid hours after they ‘argued with a group of Somali men’, a court has heard.

The woman was left with burns to her ‘baby bump’ while her partner was hit in the face by the corrosive spray.

Both were hospitalized after the assault with a corrosive substance in Mile End, east London, in the early hours of Tuesday, July 4.

Mustafa Ahmed, 19, of Stepney, east London, appeared at Thames Magistrates Court on Tuesday charged with one count of wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm and one count of attempted wounding with intent to do GBH.

Before the attack the victims had been involved in an argument with a ‘group of Somali men’, Thames Magistrates Court heard.

Several hours after the row the couple was walking along Burdett Road near Mile End Road when they were approached by a man and sprayed with acid.

It is unknown whether her unborn child was affected by the substance but the court heard it was likely to have caused ‘some impact’.

These attacks have to stop, and we can no longer allow Muslims to get away with their crimes. It is evident that the whole world is under siege these days and Liberals are allowing this to take place. Are they blind or are they actually trying to harm people by allowing these criminals into their countries? We are living in dangerous times and we can no longer sit by and see more get hurt.

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