Liberal Rep. Karen Bass stated over the weekend that President Trump’s “voter-fraud commission” is an “assault on our democracy” LOL… what’s she so afraid of?

Bass said, “I actually think it should be renamed. It’s actually the voter suppression commission. We know that that is what the agenda is. You know, Trump is still obsessed over the fact that he lost the popular vote and so I guess he’s looking for those 3 million illegal votes.”

“But we really do know that this is about the mass purging of voters around the country. And one thing that I’m proud of is that so many states are standing up and refusing to cooperate. California is certainly one of many.”

She added, “I really think it’s something that we have to be very careful of because it is another assault on our democracy. We have already had an assault on our democracy from the Russians. Now we have an assault on our democracy from the president.”

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