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Romney and other RINO’s shoot down Trump’s Pick for the Federal Reserve

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Romney and other RINO’s shoot down Trump’s Pick for the Federal Reserve

As conservatives, we must not only work to defeat Democrats but we must also work to defeat Republicans who vote like Democrats, like the four who banded together to defeat Herman Cain for the Federal Reserve Board.

They are Lisa Murkowski, Cory Gardner, Kevin Cramer and RINO Mitt Romney. We can really do without any of them. I am expecting Romney to be a thorn in the side of conservative voters for the next 5 1/2 years. The rap against Cain is that he has no experience in high finance like the Fed often dictates, but he is a successful CEO, who specialized in rescuing companies in bankruptcy or near it. He did serve on the Fed Board in Omaha for several years.

From Breitbart News

Just a day after President Donald Trump declared his ongoing support for his latest pick for the Federal Reserve board, Herman Cain, a fourth Republican senator said he would vote no on the nomination.

“If I had to vote today, I would vote no,” Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) said Thursday.

With Cramer’s opposition, there are now four candidates who have said they would vote against Cain. With no possibility of support from any Senate Democrat, that effectively kills Cain’s chances of confirmation.

“Herman is a great guy, and I hope he does well,” Trump said Wednesday.

Republican Sens. Cory Gardner (CO), Lisa Murkowski (AK), and Mitt Romney (UT) had previously said they would vote against Cain.

Cain was a successful businessman prior to his run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012. After a successful career as a Burger King executive, Cain became the chief executive of Godfather’s Pizza, a company he is credited with having revived when it was on the brink of failure.

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