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Roseanne Is Back With Major Revenge – And More Than One Show Deal

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Roseanne Is Back With Major Revenge – And More Than One Show Deal

It appears that Roseanne Barr’s exile from prime time television will be short-lived.  Roseanne burst back onto primetime television to wildly successful ratings of her sitcom reboot and season two was already in pre-production stages only to be fired by ABC in one of the biggest hypocritical double-standard moves of the year.

Hypocrisy made even more obvious after Barr’s very public bashing over her tweet where she said that Valerie Jarrett looked like the “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby”. However, actor Peter Fonda tweeted that he would like to rip Barron Trump from Melania’s arms and cage him with pedophiles. His tweet saw very little criticism and nothing compared to the type of treatment Barr received.

ABC now plans to launch a “Roseanne reboot” sans Roseanne which many have vowed to boycott due to their outrage over how the entire debacle was handled by ABC. Yet perhaps it worked out for the best as Roseanne as the former sitcom star says she is now looking over new offers to return to TV with a lot of excitement!

She spoke with her friend Rabbi Shmuley Boteach in a new podcast about how she is already considering a new offer to come back to TV.

As Written By RWN Official:

It is great to see Roseanne land on her feet after such an amazing bout of Hollywood hypocrisy. Roseanne was given a trial by Twitter for the “crime” of racism and found guilty. They went crazy over Roseanne comparing someone to an ape, yet saw nothing wrong with actor Peter Fonda calling on a mob to kidnap and r**e a 12-year-old boy and violence against women. Then again, it seems this behavior is so commonplace in Hollywood that perhaps it is not as surprising as it should be.

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