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Sanctuary Cities Are Losing Alt-Left Support – It’s Gotten REALLY Bad Even For Them

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Sanctuary Cities Are Losing Alt-Left Support – It’s Gotten REALLY Bad Even For Them

Mayoral Candidate And Original Supporter Of Sanctuary Laws Calls Lawmakers Out For Going Too Far By Protecting Felons

San Francisco mayoral candidate Angela Alioto, who was an early supporter of sanctuary laws, says the excluded felons from protection for obvious reasons. She expressed her outrage at her fellow Democratic lawmakers for extending the laws to criminals.

Alioto is facing harsh backlash from her party who says she is weakening the laws, but this is the first moment of clarity we have seen in the West Coast Dems in quite a while. Listen as she tells Tucker Carlson exactly what rational people have been shouting from the beginning- these put citizens in danger.

As Written By CBS San Francisco: 

San Francisco’s mayoral candidates are drawing lines in the sand in the fight over who benefits from the city’s sanctuary status.

Candidate Angela Alioto is pushing to amend San Francisco’s sanctuary law to exempt violent felons. Her opponents are pushing back.

With a one-page petition, Alioto turned the sprint to the June 5 election on its ear again.

The petition for the November ballot asks to have violent felons exempted from the protections of San Francisco’s sanctuary law.

Angela Alioto authored the original sanctuary law as a member of the Board of Supervisors.

“In 94 I amended it to take felons out because they were treating it as though felons were in. So, I specifically amended it to say we’re not covering dangerous felons,” said Alioto. “In 2013 and 2016, David Campos and John Avalos went back and amended it to add serious dangerous felonies, three within seven years.”

That’s right, liberal lawmakers have stretched the morality of fellow liberals to the point of breaking. What would make them extend the law to protect felons? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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