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Scum Arrested After Crossing The Border – What He Was Doing Will Make You SICK!

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Scum Arrested After Crossing The Border – What He Was Doing Will Make You SICK!

This is the kind of stuff that the liberal media, like CNN, doesn’t want us talking about. DHS arrests illegal immigrant after attempting to enter the U.S. with a young girl he was raping, claiming it was his daughter. Doctors would later discover that the girl was NOT related to the man but it gets so much worse…

A woman turned her juvenile daughter over to a sexual predator to sneak them both into the U.S. in exchange for getting the mother a job, Homeland Security officials said Tuesday, detailing one of the horrific abuses that migrants are able to make of the immigration system.

The man, Ramon Pedro, showed up at a land border crossing in Texas in April, said he was traveling with his daughter, and demanded entry into the U.S., the government says. They were processed and released under the expectation they would return for their immigration proceedings.

But late last month, the man and girl were admitted to a hospital in Fresno, California, for tuberculosis screening — and the doctors discovered the girl had been sexually assaulted.

The hospital then figured out the girl wasn’t related to Mr. Pedro at all.

“In fact, the victim’s mother told her daughter to accompany Pedro to the United States and he would secure her employment,” a Homeland Security official said.

The Huron Police Department arrested Mr. Pedro for rape, forcible sexual penetration, child endangerment and other related charges. He is being held on a $310,000 bond, according to Homeland Security.

The folks who protect the U.S. borders have departments completely dedicated to this specific issue because, unfortunately, it is NOT unique.

ICE: The Washington Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC), in collaboration with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations’ (HSI) Operation Predator, participated in Operation Broken Heart from March 1 through May 31. The operation identified individuals using peer-to-peer networks to share child pornography.

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