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Shapiro DESTROYS Crooked Dems For Mishandling Kavanaugh Accusations

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Shapiro DESTROYS Crooked Dems For Mishandling Kavanaugh Accusations

Ben Shapiro appeared on Fox News to call out the crooked left for their ‘planned assault’  against Brett Kavanaugh. By using Ford’s story as a political tactic, instead of handling it seriously, the Democrats have shot themselves in the foot on this one.

It’s too far fetched and calculated, even for liberals to believe that the timing wasn’t planned.

According to Shapiro, Kavanaugh has denied them completely. He denies he was at such a pool party; he denies he has ever engaged in such behavior. Ford, for her part, only came forward months after sending letters to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-Calif., and contacting the Washington Post. She originally didn’t want to reveal her name or her story. Feinstein didn’t ask Kavanaugh about it in writing, or in closed or open hearings; she didn’t inform her fellow Democratic senators about the allegations; now she’s reportedly attempting to prevent Republican senators from asking questions of Ford.

So, how in the hell is Kavanaugh supposed to defend himself?

Whether you believe Ford or not, Democrats have blatantly used this story as a political pawn which discredited the accusations – all on its own. Proving yet again that the ‘bleeding heart’ liberals are unfit to run anything (much less the free world) when they’re incapable of putting people before politics.

As Written By Fox News:

In a series of tweets earlier Thursday, Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee noted they had obtained statements, under penalty of felony, from two other people at the house party where the alleged assault occurred, including Kavanaugh friend Mark Judge and another individual.

Committee members also wrote that they had reached out to a “fourth person allegedly at the party,” as well as “a schoolmate who claimed on social media this week to have info related to Dr. Ford’s allegations” — but had not heard back.

That was an apparent reference to a widely circulated online account by Cristina Miranda King, who claimed that she heard about the alleged assault at the time. King deleted her online post after questions emerged about apparent inconsistencies in her claims.

King’s claim seems like just another play since the accuser herself said she told no one about what happened. Its understandable King would delete her tweet to save-face.

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