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Snopes Was Dead Wrong! Justice Ginsburg IS In A Fight For Her Life

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Snopes Was Dead Wrong! Justice Ginsburg IS In A Fight For Her Life

After Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s recent hospitalization and surgery to remove “two cancerous nodules” from her lung, the media can’t get their stories straight about her health, or lack thereof, according to Daily Caller.

Is this new lung cancer, on top of her history of pancreas and colon cancer? Or is it metastatic cancer from elsewhere in her body? Is she healthy and cancer free or does she have stage four cancer, with an extremely poor prognosis? Can she resume her duties as a Supreme Court justice, or will she be soon retiring? Or worse?

In September The Santa Monica Observer reported that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had developed cancer. Snopes labeled the report as fake news. Snopes was wrong!
The Santa Monica Observer was the only paper to report of lung cancer at the time.

Now The Santa Monica Observer says Ruth Bader Ginsburg has pneumonia and is fighting for her life.
And… That Ginsburg will retire in January.

As any reader of the Santa Monica Observer knew last September, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has developed lung cancer. The 85-year-old Supreme Court Justice had surgery as quietly as possible on December 22, 2018.

Following surgery, she has developed complications including pneumonia. Pneumonia often afflicts elderly post-surgery patients in the US, since antibiotics have resulted in Multi-Resistant Strains of lung infection.

The left and the mainstream media have tried to put on a brave face as Ginsburg missed three straight days of argument this week, interviewing cancer doctors to say that she would recover. They claimed that she was working in her hospital room, knowing that it was untrue.

No one in the media in the Democratic party wants to face the awful truth that President Donald Trump is about to replace one of the Court’s most liberal justices.

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