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Social Media GIANT Censors GOP Candidate – You Won’t Believe Why!

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Social Media GIANT Censors GOP Candidate – You Won’t Believe Why!

Social media GIANT at it again. This time, they didn’t just censor a Conservative but her powerful life story of how her parents climbed from the dangerous rubble of Cambodia to make a life for her in America. Their excuse will blow your mind!

According to KCRA, Facebook has yet again drawn the ire of conservatives, this time after blocking Republican congressional candidate Elizabeth Heng’s campaign ad on the grounds of “shocking, disrespectful or sensational content.”

Heng, who is running in California’s 16th Congressional District (Fresno area), tweeted that Facebook “rejected” the ad due to clips of dead bodies from the Cambodian genocide.

Heng’s parents survived the Cambodian genocide in the 1970s and subsequently immigrated to the United States.

Heng tweeted: “ rejected my video because it was “too shocking” for their platform, referring to the scenes of horrific events my parents survived in Cambodia. Facebook, do you think it’s right to censor history?”


Heng told National Review in a phone interview on Wednesday that “the only thing” Facebook officials told her about the reversal was that “after further review on my ad, it’s clear the images in the video are not being used to shock people but they are relevant to my story, and they apologized for the confusion.”

Heng says she contacted Facebook immediately after the site revoked permission to run her ad last week. After not hearing back for several days, she made the story public. Facebook has not yet responded to National Review’s request for further clarity on the decisions that took place regarding this video ad.

It doesn’t matter if they reversed their lousy decision or not. The fact is that seems like Conservatives are consistently being targeted on social media. Most without just cause. In Heng’s case, there may be some type of resolve, but there HAS to be better vetting for these employees who pull the trigger based on personal beliefs – or whatever is making them censor Conservatives.

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