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Social Security Changes Coming In 2019 – Trump Move Sets Washington Swamp Ablaze

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Social Security Changes Coming In 2019 – Trump Move Sets Washington Swamp Ablaze

Donald’s change could affect millions – but not the way the media is saying. Social Security was created to help Americans in need. It is especially vital to retiring Americans, who depend on it to cover their expenses.

After all, most Americans worked for years, paying into SS. The least they should expect is to collect a decent check from the program, right?

But, sadly, far too many people collect who did not earn it. Social Security and other government programs have been abused by welfare sponges for years.

So President Trump has come up with a new plan to fix this.

The Trump administration may alter the way it determines the national poverty threshold, putting Americans living on the margins at risk of losing access to welfare programs. President Trump, in a masterful move, might end benefit abuse once and for all.

How’s he going to do this?

His administration is considering a change to the “official poverty measure” by switching to chained CPI. This stat determines who is considered poor and who isn’t. This will have huge implications when it comes to Welfare and Social Security. Trump wants to modernize this system—which has been around since the 1960s.

The changes will mean fewer people will be entitled to government handouts. Of course, Democrats are flipping out after Trump set their precious Washington swamp ablaze.

They exploit handouts to score votes. Meanwhile, taxpayers are forced to pay the bill.

It’s no secret that there are people collecting Social Security and other benefits who don’t need it—who could go get a job. At the same time, there are people who paid into it for years and are underpaid or rejected on “technicalities.”

We also know that economic experts have been predicting doom for Social Security for a long time. In a matter of years, it may be bankrupt. Without real changes, there won’t be any money left for anyone. Trump wants to make sure those who are in need really do receive help.

And Trump is done with the people who have been milking the system. Do you stand with him?

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