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Socialist Sanders Declares WAR On Disney – Gets Knocked OUT By The Mouse!

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Socialist Sanders Declares WAR On Disney – Gets Knocked OUT By The Mouse!

Democratic Socialist, Bernie Sanders, has been drumming up support against Disney since June. After growing tired of his anti-American rhetoric, Disney finally fights back- knocking the Senator out with FACTS.

“I have a feeling ABC will not be asking on its nightly news program tonight how Disney can make $9 billion in profits while three-quarters of Disneyland employees can’t afford basic living expenses,” the former Democratic presidential candidate wrote on his Twitter account.

Sanders is scheduled to meet with workers and businesses in Anaheim, Calif., where Disneyland is located, on Saturday, CNBC reported.

But here is the thing, Disney already agreed to a $15 wage for about a third of its workers last month and is continuing to negotiate with unions representing roughly another third. It has also promised to pay minimum-wage non-union workers, estimated to number in the low thousands, $15.75 an hour starting in January.

As Written By The Daily Wire:

The Vermont senator has inserted himself into the battle between Disney and the City of Anaheim over wages and taxes as part of his broader attempt to promote the radical progressive agenda. Sanders held a rally at Disneyland back in June to try to drum up pressure on the entertainment giant, and on Thursday, when Disney turned down the city’s offer of hundreds of millions in tax breaks and subsidies in a “last-ditch effort” to avoid being forced to pay a living wage to all of its thousands of workers, Sanders pounced.

“Disney is so nervous that the living wage ballot initiative in Anaheim is going to pass, it would rather end some of the corporate welfare it receives from local taxpayers than pay all 30,000 of its workers decent wages,” Sanders told The Guardian Thursday. It’s time for Disney to “get off of welfare and pay all of its workers a living wage,” he declared.

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