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Spoilers Alert: Feminists Experience Full Meltdown At Ghostbuster’s New Movie

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Spoilers Alert: Feminists Experience Full Meltdown At Ghostbuster’s New Movie

Last month, in a surprise reveal, Reitman, the son of the original “Ghostbusters” director, Ivan Reitman, released a teaser trailer for a new “Ghostbusters” film according to The Daily Wire.

The new movie, which will hit theaters in 2020, will reportedly take place in the same universe as the original and will star much of the original cast (albeit without Harold Ramis, who died several years ago), with the addition of a team of teenaged “Ghostbusters” protegees.

The film got the green-light in place of a sequel to 2016’s failed “Ghostbusters” reboot, which starred an all-female cast and lost Sony Pictures Studios around $70 million, according to last estimates.

Feminists and other assorted social justice warriors were already angry that the promised all-female “Ghostbusters” sequels were shelved indefinitely, and that Reitman, a male director, would take the helm of the franchise (at one point, star of the all-female reboot, Leslie Jones, even compared the switch-up to “something Donald Trump would do“).

Some ever took to Twitter with their disproval:

A senior writer from Rolling Stone, Jamil Smith: “I had been looking forward to ’s take on GHOSTBUSTERS. Then he went and said that stupid shit about “handing the movie back to the fans,” as if the female cast had stolen the original from our precious little boy memories or something. I’ll probably skip it now.”

Spoiler Alert Below: Sneak Peek Teaser Trailer:

One user referred to men as ‘festering open wounds:

“Hi ! Can we have a chat about this little comment you made? Because let me tell you, hoo golly, does it not only completely disregard female fans of , it actively supports the behaviors of the festering open wounds known as Men Online.”

Yikes. Well, I still like to think most fans are half as excited for the new movie as I am. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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