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Steve Bannon Says The Bidens Are Done For, “Joe Biden is a Hand Grenade and Hunter Biden is the Pin”

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Steve Bannon Says The Bidens Are Done For, “Joe Biden is a Hand Grenade and Hunter Biden is the Pin”

Former chief strategist to President Trump, Steve Bannon sat down with an interview with Maria Bartiromo from Fox News to discuss the new move to impeach President Trump by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.

Bannon said that he thinks that Joe Biden, as well as his son Hunter, should both be called to testify in the public inquiry for impeachment push.

Bannon said,

“If Schiff stands there and argues Joe Biden is above the law, Hunter Biden is above the law. The Bidens have to be called. Joe Biden is the hand grenade and Hunter Biden is the pin. And when that pin gets pulled the shrapnel is going to blow back all over the Democratic establishment.”

There is zero chance that the Bidens are going to get off the hook here. Joe is shown on video admitting to breaking the law by telling Ukraine that they’re not going to get the money they were asking for unless they fire the person investigating his son.

Yet the Democrats are calling Trump the bad guy here? This is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my life. They are certainly in for a rude awakening.

The good thing though is that these Democrats are so stupid, that they fail to realize that the more they try and expose President Trump, the more they end up exposing themselves.

Think about it. Over the past few years, as a result of trying to fight Trump, we’ve seen people like Anthony Weiner, Hillary Clinton, Peter Strzok, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and even Barack Obama being caught doing something wrong.

One thing is sure, as Bannon says in the video below, Pelosi and the Democrats are all in at this point in the game and it is going to hurt them badly. This is going to produce nothing. Absolutely nothing. Once they impeach Trump, the Senate will not convict him by any stretch of the imagination. The Dems aren’t even cooperating with the Republicans at this point in the process, what makes you think that this is going to actually be fair at all?

The only thing fair coming from this will be President Trump acquittal and his reelection and most likely the Republicans regaining the House.


Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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