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Steve Hilton: Kavanaugh Case Proves ‘Dems MUST Be Defeated BEFORE They Destroy America’

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Steve Hilton: Kavanaugh Case Proves ‘Dems MUST Be Defeated BEFORE They Destroy America’

As Fox News contributor, Steve Hilton points out, there is one party responsible for causing National turmoil.  Democrats and they have been playing this game for years. More so since Trump took office but nothing highlights their sheer destruction more like the Kavanaugh accusations.

Steve Wrote, “Millions of Americans have been deeply and emotionally engaged by Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing and the astonishing spectacle that unfolded in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

It is absolutely right to say that we are in a vital cultural moment. Ending sexual misconduct and the abuse, exploitation, and harassment of women by men is long overdue.

For as long as I can remember I have done what I can to uphold the principle of gender equality – not just in my own life and behavior, but where I’ve had the chance to be an advocate or shape policy too.

But we are also in a vital political moment. Just as we’re moving in the right direction on gender equality, we’re moving in the wrong direction when it comes to politics.

And sadly, one party is overwhelmingly to blame. We discovered that Thursday at the reopened Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing for Kavanaugh.

I came away from watching the hearing convinced that both Christine Blasey Ford – who accused Kavanaugh of attempting to rape her when they were high school – and Kavanaugh are two good people caught up in an ugly war. Kavanaugh said repeatedly that he has never sexually assaulted anyone.”

As Reported On Fox News

“It was a small detail that gave the game away: the revelation that Sen. Diane Feinstein, D-Calif., did not disclose the sexual assault allegations to Republicans, the FBI and Kavanaugh himself for weeks after she was contacted by Ford. And on top of this, Feinstein recommended anti-Trump resistance lawyer Deborah Katz to Ford, who went on to hire Katz and her law partner.”

Steve goes on to point out how the talking head,  Feinstein informed the Judiciary Committee back in July, when Ford contacted her, of Ford’s allegations, the public hearing of those allegations could have been avoided. They just sat on it until the 11th hour. adding more of a divide in America.

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