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Students Told Not To Hang ‘Racist’ Signs For 9/11 Game, What They Did Instead Had School Regretting It

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Students Told Not To Hang ‘Racist’ Signs For 9/11 Game, What They Did Instead Had School Regretting It

via The Los Angeles Times: “The principal began the social media storm by commending his team, which played hard in a 42-21 defeat.

“It would have been easy to blame the racist welcome the ‘Saints’ received as they walked into the stadium and read the posters referencing — Trump, ‘We love White,’ ‘Build the Wall’ and various other politically and racially-charged statements,” he posted after the game. “What I love about OUR coach is that at no time did he allow this unchristian hate from the Wolverine stands affect HIS team.”

Bishop said later that he saw some of the offensive signs and was told by others about insensitive or racially tinged chants and taunting.

He became more concerned, he posted, when he heard chants of “USA! USA!” following touchdowns by the Aliso Niguel team.

Aliso Niguel “was not playing against Germany or MEXICO. They were playing my kids, 22 minutes down the freeway,” he wrote.

His football coach warned Bishop right away that he wanted to remove the team if things turned ugly. Bishop concurred and sought out Aliso Niguel’s principal in the second quarter, telling her he was prepared to pull his team from the field if she did not act.

“After talking to the principal and watching her and her assistant principals snag the signs away from these disrespectful and out-of-control students — it seemed to help,” Bishop posted. “Afterwards, it became more about football, athleticism and a healthy competition.”

The two administrators hugged, Bishop said later. He also said he didn’t want to suggest that a large number of Aliso Niguel students are racist.

Orange County, once a bastion for conservative Republicans, has become strikingly purple, a focus of Democratic efforts to retake the House of Representatives in the November elections. Former President Obama was stumping the region over the weekend with that purpose in mind.

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