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The Stupidest Feminist Ad You’ll See All Year

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The Stupidest Feminist Ad You’ll See All Year

So… much… dumb…

This ad from a Danish shoe company, Bianco, was actually released earlier this year but has resurfaced for it’s idioticness…

As written for Daily Wire by AMANDA PRESTIGIACOMO:

You’ve probably seen it by now; beautiful career women throwing hot mugs of coffee at their boss’ face (and metaphorically The Patriarchy) in pursuit of extra rights and the promotion of mighty fine Danish shoes. The ad’s overall message: due to the serious oppression of women — women’s underwear and shoes typically cost more than men’s — they shouldn’t just be paid equal cash for equal work, but more.

1. The ad propagates common feminist myths.

2. The ad calls for quasi-extra rights.

3. Violence is fine if it’s stopping perceived oppression.

4. The ad mocks men.

While many feminists came out swinging at the ad, mostly because they were upset that capitalists were cashing-in on their sad movement, it actually does expose how stupid the movement is.

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