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Teen Dad Allowed To Sue On Behalf Of Aborted Fetus By An Alabama Judge

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Teen Dad Allowed To Sue On Behalf Of Aborted Fetus By An Alabama Judge

The left would have us believe that aborting a baby is an issue that only affects the woman. They somehow refuse to acknowledge the fact that there had to be a man involved. (Yes, I know, artificial insemination is an option – but when was the last time you heard of a woman who was artificially inseminated and then turned around and had the baby aborted partway through the pregnancy??)

Men are reduced to being nothing more than an inconvenience to be dismissed. Their feelings, especially the idea that the man might just WANT the child to live, and actually LOVE the baby (as is the normal reaction for a sane, decent man) is dismissed as of no consequence.

A young man in Alabama is one of those men who objected to his baby being aborted by the mother and is suing an abortion clinic because he did want the child.

From Fox News:

A teenager in Alabama is suing an abortion clinic for terminating the life of his unborn child against his wishes. On Tuesday, an Alabama county court recognized the aborted fetus, “Baby Roe,” as a plaintiff in the lawsuit, making the case one of the first of its kind, his lawyer said.

Ryan Magers, 19, of Madison County, claims his girlfriend got a medicated abortion at the Alabama Women’s Center for Reproductive Alternatives in Huntsville in February 2017 when she was six weeks pregnant, according to legal documents, even though he urged her not to terminate the pregnancy. Alabama recognizes the personhood of a fetus, so Magers is suing on behalf of the fetus and himself.

Madison County probate court Judge Frank Barger allowed Magers to name his aborted child as a co-plaintiff in his case against Alabama Women’s Center, a move that came just four months after the passage of an amendment that gave fetuses personhood, or the same legal rights as any other person, under the state constitution.

Helms believes the case could make it to the Supreme Court.

As I said in the beginning, the proponents of Abortion such as the president of NARAL (National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League) president Ilyse Hogue are all over this issue because they assert it’s about “women’s rights.”

What happened to this young man’s rights? How come all of a sudden the father of the baby gets no say whatsoever? He wanted the baby. Considering the way this whole issue sounds he would have willingly taken the child and raised it on his own if the mother wasn’t interested in cooperating.

There are those who say the courts have already established the precedent that a pregnant woman has the right to have an abortion induced any time she wishes. If true, then to pursue this case may be a lot of effort for nothing. However, with the new Alabama law granting a fetus personhood status, it might change the outcome in his favor.

The abortion issue has been front-page news a lot recently with the law passed in New York, and with Virginia pushing a similar measure. It’s good that it’s getting a lot of attention like this, because the abortion mills like Planned Parenthood have been committing infanticide for decades, and there is no way to calculate what we’ve lost as a society due to those children’s deaths.

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