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The Dangers of Sharia Law – Saudi Arabia Executes Rape Victim, Wait Until You Learn Why

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The Dangers of Sharia Law – Saudi Arabia Executes Rape Victim, Wait Until You Learn Why

There are great dangers in the tolerance of Muslim law, one of the greatest is the danger of unjustly issuing the death penalty.

Such is the case for an Indonesian woman in Saudi Arabia who was put to death for killing her boss.

But the reason she killed him should have been enough to pardon her from the crime. She had killed her boss while he was in the act of raping her.

The woman identified as Tuti Tursilawati was executed for killing the man who was attacking her which has caused a massive outrage and protests in Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta.

Tursilawati was executed in the city of Ta’if which is located in Saudi Arabia’s Mecca province.

According to Within Nigeria,

The Saudi ambassador to Indonesia had been summoned to discuss the matter, the president added.

Indonesian advocacy group Migrant Care said in September that Ms Tuti Tursilawati had been defending herself from being raped.

Abidin Fikri, a member of Indonesia’s parliament, criticized the killing, saying:

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has ignored principles of human rights, including a right for everyone to live.

Ms Tursilawati was executed just a week after Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister al-Jubeir, met his Indonesian counterpart, Retno Marsudi, and Mr Widodo in Jakarta to discuss migrant workers’ rights. During the meeting, Mr Marsudiemphasised the importance of having a mandatory consular notification before carrying out death penalties.

This is an unjust punishment, but that’s how Muslim law is written. The testimony of a woman is worth less than a man’s testimony. In order for Tursilawati to have been able to be pardoned for killing her attacker, she would have needed two other witnesses that she was being raped.

Women are not looked at favorably nor are they treated fairly, so it blows my mind why liberals are so passionate about catering to Muslims. This is part of their game, while they do not have the upper hand, they will not be as forceful, but once they do, you’d better watch out.

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