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The Vatican Is Embracing This Popular Game and Building Their Own Server For It

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The Vatican Is Embracing This Popular Game and Building Their Own Server For It

One of the things you would never have thought about when you think of The Vatican is gaming. But gaming is just as alive in the Roman Catholic world as it is here in America.

But folks at The Vatican are taking their gaming to a whole new level and has created its own server for Minecraft in order for people to be able to play the game in a different environment than what they’d be used to.

According to GameByte,

The Vatican now has its own Minecraft server thanks to Father Robert Ballecer, a former tech blogger and Catholice priest. Father Ballecer, who now hosts The Week in Tech, recently decided to take it upon himself to create a less-toxic place for gamers online, and it’s now live.

Back in September of this year, Father Ballecer took to Twitter to ask his followers what game they would want to see have Vatican-approved servers. Of Rust, ARK, Team Fortress 2 and Minecraft, the latter won by a landslide, scooping 64% of the 1,136 total votes [via PCGamer].

Father Ballecer said that the reason for creating the Minecraft servers was so gamers who didn’t quite want such a toxic environment and more community could play. What’s he’s really saying is if you want somewhere without a lot of foul language being used and instead build up a camaraderie then this is the server for you.

He added: “You can invite people who want to be creative, who don’t want to be toxic, and you create an environment in which people can express themselves and build up a relationship. And the relationship thing is the most important part. That’s ultimately what I want to do with the server.”

I’m guessing that they won’t stop here either and that they’ll continue to build servers for other games as well.

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