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The Woman Who Took Cosby Down Speaks Out For The First Time – Reveals What REALLY Happened

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The Woman Who Took Cosby Down Speaks Out For The First Time – Reveals What REALLY Happened

After Cosby’s explosive outburst in court upon hearing the guilty verdict read out by the jury, his accuser finally breaks her silence. Andrea Constand has waited 13 years to share her side of what she says happened to her at Cosby’s home.

According to USA Today, during her Dateline interview with NBC’s Kate Snow Friday night, the chief Bill Cosby accuser in April’s sexual assault retrial opened up about how she feels towards the disgraced actor.

“I forgave Bill Cosby for what he did to me. I forgive him. It’s been many, many years. And if I did not forgive him, I wouldn’t have peace. And I sit here today and I have my peace,” she said.

As Written By  Ashley Cullins And Eriq Gardner With The Hollywood Reporter:

The comedian did not take the stand during the trial, but the jury did hear portions of his old deposition. In total, testimony came from more than two dozen witnesses. Cosby attempted to convince the jury he was out of town on the night of the incident, but the jury clearly didn’t buy the story.

Each of the three counts carries a prison term of up to 10 years, although the judge could impose the sentencing time concurrently.

There will likely be an appeal that is grounded in Cosby’s repeated assertions that his due process rights were violated. He insists that the former district attorney made a nonprosecution agreement with him, which caused him to testify in the civil case instead of asserting his Fifth Amendment rights. Although Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations for aggravated sexual assault was lengthy enough for prosecutors to file charges right before the deadline (after Cosby became an issue in the political race for DA), the comedian contends that the long delay in trying him undercut his ability to defend himself.

“We are very disappointed in the verdict,” said Cosby attorney Tom Mesereau. “We don’t think Mr. Cosby is guilty of anything, and the fight will continue.”

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