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Three Suspected Illegal Alien Ms-13 Members, Freed by Judges Stabs Boy in the Back

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Three Suspected Illegal Alien Ms-13 Members, Freed by Judges Stabs Boy in the Back

Three suspected members of the MS-13 gang have been arrested for assault on two classmates, including one that was stabbed in the back. All three were illegals and were in the custody of the Border Patrol, but judges decided they should be on the streets rather than being deported. The boy who was stabbed is expected to live. The two friends were at a local Burger King but became nervous and threatened by the suspected gang members, so they left. The three gang members followed with baseball bats and knives. They caught up with the two and a fight broke out.

Three suspected MS-13 gang members charged in the stabbing Wednesday of a New York high school student are all illegal aliens who were caught and held by the Trump administration–until they were freed be federal judges. The victim, a 16-year-old boy, was stabbed in the back but is expected to survive.

WABC-TV reported the 16-year-old boy and a friend were at a Burger King but left when they felt threatened by the gang members. All involved are students at Huntington High School in Huntington Station, Long Island.

“Feeling uncomfortable, the victim and a friend left, and the three gang members followed them, wielding bats and knives, police said.

“An altercation broke out in the parking lot, and that’s when 19-year-old Ramon Arevalo Lopez allegedly stabbed the victim in the back. Another 16-year-old boy suffered a minor injury in the fight.

“…Lopez and two other suspects, 20-year-old Nobeli Montes Zuniga and 17-year-old Oscar Canales Molina, were charged with second-degree assault.

“…According to police, Lopez entered the United States illegally on December 8, 2016. He was picked up by the Department of Homeland Security in October 2017, but a federal judge released him from custody in June.

“Zuniga and Molina entered the country illegally as unaccompanied minors. Molina was picked up by DHS in July 2017 but released by a federal district judge in November 2017.”

What we need to do is start weeding out these judges who release these monsters. We need a wall to keep them out. We need a Congress willing to act and not one that favors illegal aliens over Americans. We need voters who think before they pull the lever.

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