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Trump BLINDSIDES Obama, Clinton With Huge Detail After Declaring Muller Victory

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Trump BLINDSIDES Obama, Clinton With Huge Detail After Declaring Muller Victory

After more than two years of listening to Democrats and the mainstream media tell us that President Trump is a traitor, colluded with the Russians to steal the 2016 election from Hillary, and is guilty of obstruction of justice, it\’s a welcome relief to see at least the first page of the debacle turned. The Mueller report\’s release has been a cause for him to celebrate, and he has wasted no time taking a few shots at some of those who we believe are more of the key players that are trying to unseat him.

This from GDB:

It’s Donald’s turn – here he comes!

Donald Trump won the biggest victory of his presidency this week when Mueller cleared him of collusion.

Mueller’s report ended two years of hate coverage aimed at undermining the administration. Trump is already on the warpath.

Obama might be looking over his shoulder, after this tweet from Donald:

“WSJ: Obama Admin Must Account for ‘Abuse of Surveillance Powers’

According to the report, Sen. Rand Paul wants to look into how the Obama administration abused its surveillance powers.

This is something many of you have been demanding for years. We need to find out what Obama was up to.

But Obama’s not the only one in the hot seat. Only hours after Trump’s good news broke, Hillary probably started sweating when she heard what happened next:

“A “lock her up” chant broke out at Mar-a-Lago tonight during Sen. Graham’s speech as he called for an investigation into Clinton and the origins of the dossier. Trump watched on from a table in the ballroom.”

Obama and Hillary were often connected with abuses of power in the last administration. Yet we never saw a real investigation into their behavior.

But it was more than just the former president and the secretary of state. There was a tangled web of agents potentially abusing their power to persecute their rivals.

Here is a handy chart to help you out:

Lynch, Comey, Strzok float right to the top of that list. But there are many more within the “deep state” may have used their power to pull strings during the 2016 Election, even abusing FISA warrants to spy on one of Trump’s campaign people.

All to prevent you from electing Donald Trump to the White House.

Yet we had to sit through two years of lies and a bogus investigation, instead of seeing real justice being done.

Trump needs to go after the real criminals. But he needs to know that the American people demand it.

Source: the GOP Daily Brief

Speaking for myself, I can hardly wait to see what comes out of the woodwork when President Trump turns up the lights. From the Congress to the Fake News media to Hollywood we know the liberal heads are exploding. Celebrities are melting down, and politicians such as Adam Schiff are still hanging on to the myth that there is going to be something in the Mueller report to put the finger on the president. I live clear across the country, yet I think I\’m beginning to hear the sucking sound of the Swamp beginning to drain!

It reminds me of a time when I lived in an area that was prone to cockroaches. I remember coming home to a dark house, stepping into the living room, turning on the light, and cockroaches scattered like fans leaving after a Super Bowl game! I wonder if we\’re going to see liberals heading for friendlier waters now that their main source of hope is dashed.

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