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Trump Exposes Jon Tester At The Big Sky Rally – Asks Voters To ‘Right Their Wrong”

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Trump Exposes Jon Tester At The Big Sky Rally – Asks Voters To ‘Right Their Wrong”

Trump vowed to expose the Democratic Senator, Jon Tester, for his alleged lies and special interest based voting habits and as usual, the President followed through. At ‘The Big Sky’ rally in Montana Trump let Tester have it- letting the voters know it was time to ‘right their wrong’.

According to Great Falls Tribune, there’s no love lost between Trump and Tester given the president’s Twitter rant against the Montana senator in April. Tester raised questions about physician Ronny Jackson as Trump’s pick for head of the Department of Veteran Affairs based on allegations of drinking on the job and overprescribing medications. Tester is the ranking member of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

Trump responded with a series of tweets, one saying “Tester should lose race in Montana. Very dishonest and sick!”

Jon Tester put himself in the hot-seat with President Trump when he started leaking unfounded and outlandish anonymous rumors about the White House physician, Ronny Jackson. Calling Jackson the ‘candyman’ and claiming that he hands out pills around the office and often shows up drunk. Tester also claimed that Jackson was abusive to staff but that’s not nearly all of it…

As Reported By The Senate Leadership Fund:

Sen. Jon Tester, attempting to justify his voting with Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders to prolong the Schumer Shutdown, is repeatedly saying that his pro-shutdown votes were all about his opposition to short-term budgets.  If that were the case, why did he vote for 30 short-term budgets under Barack Obama?

It’s time for the Montana press to hold Tester accountable for failing the truth test.

“Jon Tester’s support for the government shutdown had nothing to do with his new-found distaste for short-term budgets–it was about putting illegal immigrants above Montana’s children, seniors and military personnel, and we intend to hold him accountable this November.” –SLF Spokesman Chris Pack

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