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Trump Publicly Calls Out Jimmy Fallon And Jimmy Kimmel At Rally – Game Over

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Trump Publicly Calls Out Jimmy Fallon And Jimmy Kimmel At Rally – Game Over

In a rally, Monday, in South Carolina Trump spoke to a roaring crowd. The President caused an outburst of laughs and applause as he recaps his relationship with ‘two-faced ‘ Jimmy Kimmel. He also covered the unfunny halfbaked Jimmy Fallon show.

The President was lighthearted as he joked about himself, showing just how ‘human’ he really is. In the final moments of the clip, Trump praises how smart his beautiful wife Melania is as he joked about his former show ‘The Apprentice’. The show apparently flopped once it was handed over to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Take a look.

As Reported By The Daily Beast:

Noting that Fallon “was so disappointed” to find out his hair was “real,” Trump said, “So Jimmy Fallon apologized, he apologized for ‘humanizing me,’ the poor guy, because now he will lose all of us.” He said that Fallon, a “nice guy who looks like a lost soul” called him up to thank him for the “monster ratings.”

As he has done before, Trump proceeded to call “the guy on CBS”—Late Showhost and frequent Trump critic Stephen Colbert—a “low-life” with “no talent.”

“Are these people funny?” he asked to shouts of “no!” from his audience. “I can laugh at myself,” he added. “And frankly if I couldn’t, I’d be in big trouble.” It was a rich comment coming from the man who has skipped the White House Correspondents’ Dinner two years in a row and most definitely did not laugh at himself when he attended in 2011 and was famously roasted by Seth Meyers and President Barack Obama.

And then there was Jimmy Kimmel.

On stage at a political rally, Trump spent several minutes making fun of yet another late night host and comedian for supposedly treating him in a deferential way when he appeared on his ABC show several years back. “Now I wouldn’t do his show, that guy’s terrible,” he said.

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